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Ham's are known for the gift of gab. If you want to have fun shooting the breeze with fellow hams via the Zoom app HARC is the place to do it. The Chaw is fun time. Sometimes questions come up and you will be sure to get lots of information from your fellow Ham's.

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If you are not a member of a Ham club we encourage you to find a club in your local area as well as being a member of HARC.

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HARC was founded to connect Ham's and Ham Club's everwhere. We are a 100% online Ham Radio Club. Many of our members belong to local clubs in their areas but that limits them to the Ham's close by. Ham's are on the airwaves seeing how far they can get a signal. Putting a face to a voice heard from far away brings us all closer together.

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Chaw time

HARC encourages our members to have fun and get to know members from everywhere. Being able to use today's tech can be a fun experience.

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Taos Amateur Radio Club event

HARC wants to help all fellow Ham Clubs spread the word about all Ham Radio events. Send us an email from our contact page and we will post your events here.