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The Ham Radio community is as big as you want to make it. The fun thing about the Ham America Radio Club is it brings together all Ham's of all Ham Radio clubs as one big family to help each other in so many ways. If you are not yet a member click the link below . .

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If you are not a member of a Ham club we encourage you to find a club in your local area as well as being a member of HARC.

Ham America Radio Club Membership

Membership is $19 a year.

Becoming a member of the Ham America Radio Club is easy to do and we welcome you as a part of our growing family of fellow Ham Radio enthusiasts.

The Ham America Radio Club promotes the hobby of Ham Radio throughout our communities.

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Membership Benefits

Don't have a Ham Radio License yet?

  1. Get your Ham Radio License and the $14 exam fee is included when you join.
  2. New members upgrade to your next level License Class and $14 exam fee is included!
  3. HARC members get a cool membership card with your name and call sign.
  4. HARC members have full access to all online member events and discord private channels.
  5. If you already have your Extra class License become a Volunteer Examiner with us and we will give you a certificate for a friend or family member to get their Ham Radio License for free.

Besides all the freebies, membership has many other great benefits. Join HARC and help us connect Hams and Ham Clubs everywhere!