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The Ham Radio community is as big as you want to make it. The fun thing about the Ham America Radio Club is it brings together all Ham's of all Ham Radio clubs as one big family to help each other in so many ways. If you are not yet a member click the link below . .

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If you are not a member of a Ham club we encourage you to find a club in your local area as well as being a member of HARC.

HARC resources page

Ham's are always looking for a new toy to add to their hamshack or to find out information they may need for connecting with other Ham's or for a variety of other needs.

We have included some links we have found useful. If you have a link that you would like us to share please send us an email and we will add it here.

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Connecting Hams & Ham Clubs Everywhere

Harc is always striving to find more useful information for our fellow Hams everywhere.

Useful Links

Echolink - A great app to have on your phone or computer in case you dont have a radio.

QRZ - Connect with other Ham's. Learn a lot.

Repeater Book - Find repeaters close to you to connect to.

Chirp - a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio.

FCC Regulations - Useful to know to keep your license.

Morse Free - Learn Morse Code

Comet Antenna - You're gonna need one.

DMR? - Digital Mobile Radio information.

HRO - Ham Radio Outlet. Place to go for a loot of your Ham Radio needs.

Absolute Tech - Great resource for tech questions