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The Ham Radio community is as big as you want to make it. The fun thing about the Ham America Radio Club is it brings together all Ham's of all Ham Radio clubs as one big family to help each other in so many ways. If you are not yet a member click the link below . .

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Start Studying

Go to hamstudy.org and create a free account. Choose the class of license you want to study for, Technician, General or Extra. Keep in mind if you are not licensed you must test first for the Technician Class.

You can take all three exams at once but each license class gets a little more difficult to test for. We recommend taking one exam per testing session. See our study tips below.

Get your Ham Radio License with HARC

To operate a Ham Radio you must have an FCC License. Getting your license is made easy with HARC.

HARC will lead you through the entire process. Everything is done online.

You can prepare for and take your exam from the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be.

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HARC Study Tips

Choose License Class to study for

pic from hamstudy to choose ham license class type to study for

Once you have created an account on hamstudy.org you choose the License class exam you want to study for. Here you can see there are 3 choices, “STUDY MODE”, “READ QUESTIONS”, and “PRACTICE TEST”.

pic from hamstudy to choose ham license class type to study for

“STUDY MODE” is the most effective way to assure your success at passing your exam. It will keep track to let you know when you have been exposed to seeing every possible question and answer for your class license exam that are in the FCC question pool.

To start we suggest using the “READ QUESTIONS” section so that you get a sense of what to expect and get to see every question and correct answer.

Then we suggest shifting to the “STUDY MODE” where you will again be shown every question but must take a guess at the correct answer. Don’t worry about getting the wrong answer because in this mode it will keep asking the same question until you start to get it right. You will be able to keep track of your aptitude (as seen in the pic above).

Finally, once your overall aptitude is 80% or over, we suggest using the “PRACTICE TEST” mode. If your percentages in this mode are similar to the “STUDY MODE” percentages then you will be ready for your exam. We hope this is helpful for you and wish you the best chance of success.